Please find below a selection of testimonials from customers who have kindly given me their permission to use on this website.  The testimonials are provided freely without inducement or reward.  A testimonial should not be seen as proof of chiropractic effectiveness in treating or curing any illness, dysfunction or symptom and results may vary from patient to patient.

Back pain and shoulder pain

Patrick has helped me overcome a number of long term ailments including lower back pain, a stiff / dull ache in my shoulder and lack of mobility in my hip. More recently I started getting symptoms of repetitive strain injury in my hand (due to daily use of a computer), Patrick diagnosed a problem in my upper arm and the symptoms quickly subsided.

Not only does Patrick help to put me back in shape, but he constantly encourages me to think about how I use my body to avoid unnecessary injury and stress.

He is an amazingly positive person and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to resolve long or short term health problems. He will often find the answers…… and not in the most obvious places! J. Colaco


I have the highest regard for Patrick professionally and personally. He was recommended to me after I developped a painful trapped nerve down my left side having tripped on an uneven pavement and fallen full length on my side. Patrick proved to be expert, thorough in his analysis, careful, gentle but firm, insightful and intuitive. His treatment was totally effective and painless. After just one treatment I felt better. Two more, and my trapped nerve was completely gone.
I have since seen him about some lower back pain and another trapped nerve caused by a sports injury. Again, his treatment has been very helpful.
Patrick is a superb McTimoney chiropractor. He is someone you can trust to treat you and your body well, so that you emerge from seeing him far better than when you came in. He is also a very nice person.”
Mr Cavendish

Neck pain

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Mr Deguara to anyone suffering with back or neck problems. Following a rather nasty fall a month earlier, I was left unable to turn my head and my shoulder was very painful. After only one treatment, I got mobility back in my neck and was free of pain shortly afterwards. I only wish I’d gone to him immediately after the fall, I could have saved myself a lot of discomfort.” Mrs A. kershaw

Mid back pain

“My sessions with Patrick were my first experience of a chiropractor and his relaxed and friendly manner immediately put me at ease, he found the causes of my back pain very quickly and I felt noticably better with each treatment. He was very thorough and explained what was causing my pain and the necessary steps to cure it in a simple, easy to understand way. I would have no hesitation in either returning to Patrick in the future or recommending him to others.
Again, thank you very much for your help with my back pain. Gavin Tillson

Neck, shoulders, low back and feet

“My 10 years of repeated life-stopping back muscle spasms and unbearable leg pain were only temporarily relieved – but not cured – by all sorts of single-discipline therapists.  Patrick is a truly holistic, multiskilled practitioner.  In months he took away my pain and restored my freedom of movement using his rare combination of chiropractic and soft tissue manipulation as appropriate.  He releases muscles as well as bones, minds as well as bodies!   His crucial posture training  showed me at last how to help and not hinder myself.  At 70, I now have my life back!”  Y. Beaumont’

Low back pain, muscle stiffness

“Patrick gets to the heart of the problem very quickly, be it bones, muscles, stress, or more often the relationship between all three.  He has kept me up and running while I have commuted to London, crouched over a screen, endured and participated in business restructuring, played some sport and tried to meet the demands of a growing family. His approach is in tune with our modern lives, but helps us greatly to cope with them.  Highly recommended for his holistic approach.”  Nick Way, Director, Historic Houses Association.

Neck pain

“I highly recommend Patrick Deguara, the pain in my neck and shoulders was significantly reduced after just one session, and completely disappeared after a few treatments” E. Zava Shop manager

Neck and shoulder pain

“I am a regular patient of Patrick, and have been for over 10 years. Having been to several chiropractors in the past I have found that his blend of massage and manipulation is the perfect remedy for people like me who work in an office and computer dominated environment. I highly recommend him and I think that every non-manual worker should have someone like Patrick to call upon!!!” J. Evans Local Government Officer

Back & neck pain

“You explained the chiropractic process clearly and the differing options where speed of work was concerned You considered me holistically – not just as a back to be fixed or a problem to be solved – and explained what had happened to my body.” S. Farrant Civil servant

Ongoing wellness care

“I have known Patrick for over 16 years in his capacity originally as a masseur and then as a McTimoney Chiropractor. It is a measure of his skill, empathy and highly developed subtlety of practice that I have stayed with him all these years- and still gaining from his input and touch! As a therapist myself I know the value of being utterly contained, thought about and intuitively recognized, without the need of words. Without exception I come away feeling ‘put back together’, soothed and yet challenged in my ways of being. I am hardly ever physically ill. In no small way I put this down to my regular sessions with Patrick. He has settled my physical self and and helped me contain the emotional.
He is also fun and loves cooking, colour and the textures of jewelry!” G.Ingram Counsellor

Neck & shoulder stiffness

“Patrick is a true holistic therapist in that he brings his total personality and range of experience to those of his clients giving them a healing experience at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – which is powerful and lasting. His intuitive touch will find symptons even before you are aware of them and I would highly recommend his unique treatment.” R. Bailey Shop owner in Oxford

Sciatica & neck problem

“I have been a patient for 2 years and the improvement in movement has been very impressive. Patrick is thorough and helpful in explaining what he does with recommendation for exercises to be done daily. The improvement is with me still at 76.” M. Blake. Farmer

Neck & shoulder pain and stiffness

“Patrick is a ‘rare breed’ with a very great enthusiasm to help the ‘whole person’ with his God given talents from which one always benefits. Patrick is blessed with a huge zest to help one in all ways. His treatments bring pleasure and benefits. To feel supple again is more than tremendous. C’est tres fantastique !!Thankyou, Patrick.” ” U.M. Blake. Farmer

Postural problems and back pain

“Thank you for the best advice I have ever had about my back problems. I never knew my posture was to blame. Years and years of having treatment from different specialist but no one told me what was the reason. Now I have followed your advice I am feeling much better. Thank you.” G. Jones Teacher

Neck and shoulder tension

“Thank you, Patrick, for unknotting my neck and shoulder, also for the advice and general concern about my health”   J. Bright. Shop owner

Back pain

“My sessions with Patrick’s have been invaluable in helping me to carry on with a normal life. His understanding of the interplay between physical illness and stress has formed the basis of this treatment and has insured that the relief of pain extends far beyond the actual session.” A.Fingret.  Retired Medical Consultant

Back and neck pain

He has the gentlest, but highly effective, of chiropractic methods. If you don’t want to hear bits of you crack, have had a bad chiropractic experience (I did)…I urge you to visit Patrick. His method sets him apart from other chiropractors I have been to and heard about. He explains the body if you want to know, he listens to you, takes on board any concerns or queries you might have… and I tell every single person I speak to who has a pain in their back to go and see Patrick.”

“Patrick has been a blessing. He has been there when my back has not been supporting me, he provided advice over the phone when I was in agony and provided regular ‘MOTs’ even when there was nothing in particular wrong.