First and foremost, Coaching is largely about helping you to TAKE ACTION and gently nudge you out of your comfort zones in order to grow and expand within yourself. It provides you with a “partner” in meeting your career/life objectives through supportive and pragmatic guidance. It works by discussing whatever issues/problems you are facing or what you would like to improve by fast tracking you towards your end goals.

By helping you to understand your thoughts and behaviours that are not serving you any longer, you will be invited to let go of out dated self-limiting beliefs, fears and anxieties and you will be provided with an opportunity to focus on newer, fresher ways of being and doing things akin to rewriting your own life’s program.

Having a Coach by your side will provide you with motivation and encouragement during your sessions and you will be fully guided in a supportive way to make the desired changes. By being holistic in its approach, the emphasis is on helping you to understand how mental and emotional clutter mask your true potential, often preventing you from reaching your goals.

Coaching is done on a one to one basis and is based on trust, openness and confidentiality. It is non critical and non judgmental. It provides a safe environment to explore personal/professional issues, whatever they may be.

Becoming more focused on what you truly want for yourself and being more mindful of aligning your highest values, thoughts and actions is at the heart of this work.



·  Are you at a crossroads and need guidance with what to do next?

·  Do you lack the motivation, the vision or the confidence to make some changes?

·  Do you feel that it is high time to address some of your issues as it is beginning to cost you?

·  Do you feel dragged down and discouraged because you don’t know where to turn to?

·  Are you willing to journey into yourself and take action now?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, find out how Coaching could help you.


“Like the acorn which contains within it all the potential to be a magnificent oak tree, we also need nourishment, encouragement and light to grow and express our own glory”



“Your guidance, consistent positivity and reassurance helped me focus on my end goals,
which at the beginning of our sessions seemed unachievable.
Looking back to where I started, I am amazed at how much I have already achieved.” P.E.

“Life coaching gave me much needed space and time entirely devoted to make positive
changes that I badly needed. Patrick’s unique style worked well for me.
I’m so glad that I took the plunge”.

“You have been massively supportive and I am aware of the changes in myself
and my life which have in turn improved and increased my confidence and self esteem in
my personal circumstances. I have learned to quietly take heed of my inner self and
acknowledge the universality of our world.” S.H

“When I started life coaching with Patrick I felt unmotivated in many areas of my life. As a result of the work we did together I could see much more clearly what exactly I needed to do to get activated. And I did. Patrick pointed me, in practical ways, in the right directions which I found most helpful. I would recommend his life coaching to anyone needing quick and positive results to improve their life.”

“After a back injury I went to see Patrick who recognised that there were underlying mental factors manifesting themselves in physical damage. It was a great relief to realise that someone acknowledged the relationship between a troubled mind and a troubled body. I was offered a range of mental processes to examine and analyse my attitudes to various aspects of my life. I now have a mental tool-kit from which to choose an appropriate probe”.
Heather H.